* * * * *  I couldn’t have wished for a better team to represent me with the sale of my home. John and Richard’s level of service, knowledge and helpfulness was, and continues to be, of the highest level. They simply are the best!!! Rock stars of real estate! ;) - Julie H.

* * * * *  Richard and John were just awesome to work with. Can not recommend them enough. We purchased a second home in the Russian River Valley. Living in SF, neither of us had any understanding of all the myriad of things that need to be considered when buying a home in the county. It could have been daunting but instead it was a smooth experience. Richard took a lot of time to drive us around and really show us the wide range of properties and homes, and neighborhoods/areas. This was invaluable. Equally as important was their meticulous attention to details. In the entire process only one initial was missed but caught by John when he was reviewing everything. Compared with the mortgage side of the process which was stressful. 
Finally, after the close, they are still helping us. They have an amazing network of quality professionals to help deal with any problem, from overhauling your septic, to pest control. 
Thank you Richard and John for an amazing journey. You are an awesome team. - Bryan & Tom

* * * * *  
It's obvious John and Richard love what they do. Their knowledge of Russian River real estate is extensive. I'm a San Francisco transplant (city boy) who was tired of living in the city and decided to move to the country. These guys were invaluable to me during this process. Their negotiating skills are top notch; their hand holding ability second to none; and their professional demeanor and friendly disposition makes it an incredibly pleasant experience throughout the process. - Steve P.

* * * * *  Richard and John committed to having our home on the market in 10 days which seemed impossible. They coordinated inspection, repairs, and staging . The house went on the market on schedule. Their guidance on pricing got us 7 offers. All were over asking and the one we accepted was all cash, no contingencies. I think they are miracle workers. - Richard & Peter

* * * * *  I found my buying experience to be handled in a professional, competent, and unrushed manner. This agent was organized and thoroughly knowledgeable about the areas we looked at. I would utilize his service to purchase another property and would recommend him to others as he was recommended to me. A good professional in the business. - Fred Z.

* * * * *  John Genovese and Richard Lester not only helped us find the perfect home at an amazing price, but they also got a great price for it when we sold it 5 years later. They were amazing to work with start to finish and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them. - Crispin & Ramah

* * * * *  Working with Richard and John was a joy! They were so helpful in helping me prepare to sell my home and select an appropriate price. When it came time to list the property they did back-to-back open houses on the weekend; I excepted an offer on Tuesday. If you need to buy or sell in the Russian River area talk to Richard and John! - Kris

* * * * *  John Genovese and partner Richard Lester are the real deal. These two long established and highly successful savvy gentlemen genuinely find joy and fulfillment from helping their clients realize their real estate goals. Richard and John have expert knowledge of the Russian River area, and they absolutely are trustworthy. Despite them being reputable, in demand and busy professionals, John and Richard are unfailingly reliable, always kind and personable, and truly are there with you every step of the way as though you're an exclusive client. If you want to be happy and satisfied with your choice of realtor, Richard and John are the beginning and the end. Recommendation: A clean sweep of 5 stars! - Tracy & Ron

* * * * *  The dynamic duo was terrific in helping us sell our country home. Not only were Richard and John a pleasure to deal with, but they have great resources (stylists, contractors, cleaners, etc.) to bring to bear, and were realistic in their suggestions. We also appreciated that they didn't pressure us on any decision, and were always forthright. A great team. - Royee & Jack

* * * * *  John and Richard were amazing!!! They really know the area well and helped us narrow down on our search quickly. The purchase process was also very smooth and they kept everything on track. I would highly recommend them to anyone. - Emily W.

* * * * *  Richard and John were great helping us find the right place, then managing a unique multi lot situation that only someone who knows the area and how to work with the system can handle. It went incredibly smoothly and we are overjoyed with our choice. - Dr. Joe L.

* * * * *  Great job in helping getting the price right, negotiating the house, helping me understand and get through the process! These guys made me feel that they were working in my best interest and not just another client. Highly recommend and will call them for any needs I have in the future. - Greg H.

* * * * *  We recently sold a small cottage in the Cazadero area. We received a recommendation from a kind neighbor. We contacted Richard and John. From that moment the whole procedure developed smoothly and very professionally. Every page of the legalese document was explained to us in human language. Richard and John explained in detail the complex stages of the sale. We send them our highest recommendation with kindest wishes..  They are master communicators & we cannot find one flaw in the entire procedure...  Jean and Colleen.

* * * * *  I  want  to  take  a  moment,  on  behalf  of  Robin and  myself,  to  thank  you  two  for  such  a  great  effort in  making  all  this business  from  the  repairs, revisions,  and  changes  to  the "legalese" of  the  deal  almost  seamless  in  nature.  As  I  load  up  the  Element  for  the  first  trip  to  (our new house),  I  know  we  couldn't  have  done  this  without  your  expertise  and  great  compassion.  Words  seem  to  fail in  this  situation.  I'm  sure  hundreds  of  other  real estate  professionals  could  have  orchestrated  this  deal,  but  it  was  your  great  empathy, attention  to  detail, and  watchful-eye  that  made  this  transaction  successful.  The  communication  during  the  process  was  great and  I  always  felt  as  if we  were  working  as  partners  in  the  sale.  For  years,  I  always  thought  real  estate  was  a  pretty cold  business,  but  this  experience  has  taught  me  that  it  is  a very  human situation and , with  the  right  people,  can be  very  empowering.  Again,  thanks (beyond  words)  for  all of  your  efforts,  phone  calls,  and  trouble-shooting... I  know  we  would  have  been lost  without  such  a  vital  effort  from  both  of  you. - Jim  &  Robin

* * * * *  A Poem:  "There's no better feeling on this great earth than buying a home from John and Richard at HERTH.  We started out house hunting for the fun and the thrill, but where we are now seems like a dream to us still.  You both have helped make this a dream come true, we now own a home thanks to the two of you.  We'll have you over to toast the house with wine, but please accept this basket as a token of thanks in the meantime.  The Advil is for all the headaches we brought or if you're feeling over-wrought.  Hand sanitizer for all the folks you meet after you extend your hand to greet.  Some office supplies to keep things flowing as the paperwork stars a-growing.  Tums to digest the on-the-run meals as you're making all those deals.  Snacks to keep you satisfied, always have them by your side.  Wine to celebrate the closing or to send you off dozing.  And for those days when you're feeling blue, we've included sock puppets for you!  There's a book you'll find, and some other things too, we just want you to know we appreciate you.  We love you guys. You are the best to work with and it's our pleasure to know you.  Thanks for all you did for us!"  Mike & Gina

* * * * *  Thank you for --- SO much:  For your unending patience with dumb questions and unrealistic requests, for your careful attention to important details; for the brilliant letter and tactful management of ludicrous stands on principle; for understanding what we wanted and how to get it; for knowing so much about the area, the experts.  And for your calm and friendly support through it all!  Very Gratefully,  Clara & Kevin

* * * * *   We really want to thank you for everything that you're doing to help us to get this property sold.  We realize that this is not even close to a good time to try to sell, let alone a great time.  Never-the-less, you keep us motivated and optimistic.  Not to mention, although you must have a "million" clients, you never fail to make us feel like we are your "only clients" and that you have all the time in the world "just for us".  You have no idea how much we appreciate that. It really makes you guys shine!" - Cheryl & James

* * * * *  We have just completed the sale of two homes with John and Richard. There is nothing we could say about them that would exaggerate what a GREAT job they did!  We have sold several houses with other real estate agents before meeting John and Richard, and they are the best we have ever encountered. The level of service, superb marketing, sincere care for our needs, dedication to getting our home sold for the best price, perseverance though the escrow to ensure the deal closed, and follow up after the sale was astounding.  We wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone looking for quality real estate agents.  Thank you John and Richard!" - Kris and Jon Briody 

* * * * *  Several months ago I walked into the HERTH Real Estate office in Guerneville with questions about buying property in Sonoma County and questions about selling our home of 30 years in San Francisco. John and Richard were there at the office that day. It was amazing to stumble upon REALTORs who were so knowledgeable about both markets. They were so helpful and pleasant that I returned many times.  When my husband and I were finally ready to put our San Francisco house up for sale we chose John and Richard to be our agents. By that time I felt completely comfortable with their knowledge of the market and really liked their honest warmth and down-to-earth approach. John and Richard devised a strategy to sell our home, guided us through all of the steps and gave us invaluable support. The outcome was EVEN BETTER than we EXPECTED. Our experience couldn't have been better and we were thrilled. They are great people and great Real Estate Agents. We recommend them without reservation." - Pam & Bob 

* * * * *  If anyone has ever gone through the process of selling their home, they know how difficult and intrusive it can be.  Although we were excited with the anticipation of our new adventure, we were not excited about the sales process. John and Richard made the entire experience painless.  Both are thoughtful and professional.  The house was on the MLS for a week... and the dynamic sales team sold it.. with multiple offers and over asking price.  Need we say more? What a great team!  -Shirley & Jo



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