Russian River Curb Appeal

Visually inspect the outside grounds. Start where prospective buyers will approach the property. Remove any building materials or items that are not specifically decorative and contributing to the sale. This includes scrap wood, discarded household items, items covered by  tarps, toys, yard and garden tools, broken pots and discarded plants etc.  Store garbage cans in the garage or around the back of the house and out of site.

Closely check the home from the roof line down.

  • Is the roof free and clear from leaves, branches and moss?
  • Are the gutters clear neatly hung and do down spouts connect and work properly?
  • Are the windows clean and free from debris and obstructions (such as overgrown bushes or trees)? Do they look well maintained?
  •  Are all bushes, trees and shrubs neatly pruned and trimmed?
  • Inspect the condition of the paint or siding?

  • Is it time to spray down or power wash the outside? It there soot and discoloration from the rain?
  • Is it time to touch up the trim paint around doors and windows? 
  • Is the front door in need of a fresh, bright color? Does is open and shut perfectly? Do the locks easily work? How about the handle?
  • Do you need flower beds or potted flowers?

  • How would a few pots of flowers look as you walk up to the house? 
  • Can you plant directly in the ground around the walkway to the house?
  • How about color under or around the windows?
  • Are flowers in bloom?
  • Keep the property neatly groomed.

  • Are the trees around the property pruned nicely?
  • Have the lower branches been removed so you can see the trunk and texture of the bark?
  • Are the pathways and drive free of droppings and branches?
  • We can help! Please give us a call. We'd be happy to give you our opinion and some free advise, in a polite and caring way. 


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