Ethics in Real Estate


As Your City Country Connection at HERTH, we feel strongly about the subject of Ethics in Real Estate when you are Buying or Selling a home in the Russian River. Our personal business and that of the entire Guerneville office at HERTH is focused on transparency and ethical behavior. We constantly ask the question, "what's in the best interest of our client?".


It's a fact: tough situations arise all the time, but when you ask the right question, the answer becomes crystal clear.


We promise to adhere to a strict code of ethics in conducting all activities related to your sale or purchase of a Russian River, Guerneville home.


In some businesses, simply doing what is legal may be good enough. But in our real estate practice we demand an ethical standard that goes above and beyond the legal requirements.  The guiding principle of ethics comes from the Latin primum non nocere, meaning first do no harm.  By taking a consistent course we focus on earning and keeping your trust.  By establishing trust we'll build a long term business model based on long term, satisfied clients. We've worked hard to become "The Good Guys" and we intend to keep that title.


As a member of the National Association of REALTORS®, are proud to ascribe to our REALTORĀ® code of ethics which you can read at:




There are rules pertaining to: Disclosure of Agency Relationship, financial arrangements, following the law of the land, marketing practices, negotiation methods, how clients are charged for services, how offers are presented, confidentiality, and more.  All of these rules are intended to protect your interest.


The real world application can look very different than the code intent. If you ever have a question about how or why things are being done in a certain way, we are happy to explain further. Sometimes, as Real Estate professionals, we forget that "the way" may seem very unfamiliar to the outside. As always, we are happy to help. Please contact us with any questions. 

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