Listing Commissions/Fees

All California Real Estate Brokers normally charge a commission or fee for listing and selling your home. This is customarily a Seller expense. It is also customary that the fee be divided between the Broker representing the Seller and Broker representing the Buyer. It is important to note that in The State of California, not only do the fees vary but they are also negotiable (setting a mandatory rate is against the law and against the code of ethics for REALTOR®'s). In the Russian River & Wine Country (and really all of California) the fee is calculated as a percentage of the sales price. Rates of up to 7% are not uncommon.  In our Wine Country market, it is customary that the rate be between 5-6%, depending on the level of service being provided. Of course, the listing contract will specify both the amount of the commission and the timing for when it will be paid, usually at close of escrow.  

Discounted Fees
It wasn’t too long ago that fees below the “going rate” were all but unheard of.  These days though, there seem to be many Brokers/Agents willing to list your home for less than the standard 6%. You should be aware though, that lower commissions are nearly always tied to lower levels of service.  Most Broker/Agents willing to list your home for a bargain rate are not going to be focused and dedicated to bringing you the best price for your property. Bottom line. 'Discount' and 'Highest Price' just don't match up.

Momentum and branding are mostly a function of advertising and attraction. A Broker and Agent will be focused on a long term picture for attracting and massaging a larger group of potential buyers that have the credentials and purchasing power to buy your home. Just listing your home with the local MLS and putting a sign in your yard is not going to make that happen.  A full service, full rate Broker/Agent will spend considerable time and money to advertise and market your home – particularly to other agents who are connected in the local area and in greater San Francisco Bay Area.  So, when considering a low commission/fee, be sure you know exactly what you’ll be getting, and what you’ll be giving up.

Our Fees

We believe in an intense and focused marketing campaign. Your property will be fresh, colorful and out there.. in front. We are constantly 'crawling' for repeat visual hits on each of our listings, whether it's the lighting and composition of your photos, the prominent web positioning at www.123YourHouse.com or being all lit up on Castro Street... we deliver a powerful one-two punch that makes a difference to your bottom line. Our personal level of service is comprehensive and detailed. Our connection with San Francisco is regular and constant.  We would love the chance to meet with you and review our marketing program. We'd like to show you how our innovative approach might make a positive difference for you. Our style is easy going and without pressure.

Please contact us for a free market evaluation. (connect@mycitycountry.com   or  707.303.6358) . If you are not quite ready to connect in person, please feel free to keep coming back to our website for more Real Estate information and updates. Thank you.