leftThe Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

What is the MLS, and how does it work for you?  The MLS is a database of properties currently on the market in the area and represented by a REALTOR®.  As a REALTOR® member, Brokers participating in the MLS list all the homes they have for sale and agree to share in the sales commission of the properties.  This means that if we list your property on the MLS for you, when another agent finds the buyer for your house, that other Broker/Agent is entitled to their share of the commission.  The big advantage to you, as the seller, is that every single broker and agent participating in the MLS has an incentive to sell your home.  This effectively puts every agent in the area to work selling your home!  The first place a buyers agent looks is always the MLS.  There is simply no better way to gain instant and widespread exposure for your home than listing it on the MLS.


So, one of the first things we will do in our marketing kick-off is to get your home listed on the MLS!  When another agent is searching for a home to meet the needs of a buyer, the agent will search the MLS based on the buyers criteria for price range and features.  It is important to be prepared and ready for this introduction. We will spend a good amount of time preparing everything for our marketing blitz. The MLS is a key component of this campaign. Having all the details handled is key to maximum impact. We will focus on beautiful photos, compelling virtual tour, links to more info, a complete disclosure package and more. There will never be a better chance than now to show off the benefits and features of your investment, sparkling and complete. It makes a big difference. Let us know if you would l like more information about how we market and sell fine homes.

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