What's the Value of My Home?

Most homeowners are curious at one time or another about the value of their home. As you are probably aware, a homes value is constantly fluctuating. We would be very happy to help if you are curious about your homes value. Rest assured, there is no obligation.

You can simply fill out the information below to calculate a fast estimate of how much your home might be worth now. This model uses a "Zillow" type algorithm but includes County tax/sales recordings and other proprietary data too. If you would like a more accurate idea, send us an email with your property address to (Connect@MyCityCountry.com) and we'll forward a more detailed version based on what we know is happening in the market right now. Either way, there is no pressure, no obligation, no calls and never-ever spam.

Have fun! ....and oh yeah, you CAN have a look at your neighbor's value too ;)

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